Red, Sugar Blues – with a bit of 💥

This Memorial Day weekend, I desperately wanted to avoid the traffic and the sweltering GA heat. Avoiding the heat was not an option but not taking Marta, finding parking, or paying out the nose for parking was fortunately a doable task.

This year, Memorial Day weekend had approximatedly “X” people in the Atlanta metro area. Saturday was for doing adulting but Sunday is for relaxtion, fun and doing whatever the f*ck we wanted. Sunday was the day to venture. I love close I am to Decatur. We decided that DAF was the best option.

Three was 3 things that had to fit my criteria

  1. FREE (my favorite reason of all)
  3. and had a treasure trove of possibilities

    So I did some research on the DFA’s website. There was plenty to do even on a Sunday. I had hoped to find a feature event or act later on in the day to avoid the heat 💥. The truth is temperature was expected to reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit and I wanted to make sure I maximized the short time I would be there. I’ve noticed spending too much time in the sun gives me terrible headaches. So I was able to find a good band to enjoy – Red, Sugar, Blues.
Demo of Red, Sugar, Blues

The demo is a good sample of what we enjoyed on Memorial Day 2019. It reminded me of my trip a few months ago to New Orleans. Good live music should be supported whenever possible. Many people supported the band by buying t-shirts or giving money directly. For a time, I actually forgot that is was hot scorching day. Full disclosure, I’m actually completing this entry in 2020 during the COVID-19 Quarantine. It feels good to reminensce about being among people without worrying about surving. This is a perfect example of how you don’t really appreciate things until you can no longer have or experience them.

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