10 days, 10 teachers, 10 tips – day 1 – Follow Thru, Overlapping

the Devil is in the details
Follow Through & Overlapping


Day 1

So here’s the deal. I’ve decided to brush up my animation skills. I’m following a great series by 10 experts in the world of Motion Design/Storytelling, School of Motion’s – 10 Days, 10 Teachers, 10 Tips, . I am focusing on not just the technical aspects of After Effects. The whole point is to work on my overall animation skills and really improve on the art and science by using the 12 principles of animation as my guide. Of course, the individual tutorials may have several principles that are possible to focus on. My plan is to feature no more than two.

The first day focused on the Follow Through, Overlapping. The ideas is that an object will move differently depending on the inertia. Want a realistic movement? Perhaps being conservative is the key. Overlapping would probably would produce a more light or or realistic effect vs a cartoon like effect.

The example below uses a feather to illustrate the difference. Adding overlapping and having the action follow through breaths new life. Check on the comparison.


This example focused on rotation of the bend and what happens when the movement stops. After the first bend, an expectation is set. There is a ripple effect. The exaggeration marks the rules for the anticipation.  Even though, this is a simple technique it offers complexity – the devil is in the details. Perhaps there is a little leeway on what is expected or acceptable movement. It will be fun to see how to incorporate this into other projects.

Until next time


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