10 days, 10 teachers, 10 tips – day 4 – 3 Basic Tips

just do one thing – easy tips to improve your project


Day 4

This is actually the 4th installment. While doing this series, I’ve decided that order isn’t important. The first tip in this tutorial focuses on a very basic technique but I think it is important to revisit. Easy/Ease. It is the go to of anyone who has done any motion graphic work. Usually, you immediately remedy some of the problems of unrealistic animations. It’s a good baseline. From there it is just a matter of tweaking by using the graph editor to custom the motion. In the last post, anticipation was one of the principles I focused on. It is an important aspect of animation. For the beach ball example below, I really wanted to concentrate on more on the arc principle. I thought about what happens when you suddenly throw an object like a beach ball. My partner remarked that the pause was unrealistic. Perhaps he is correct but I wanted to exaggerate the pause so the speed of the release of the ball as well as the ball coming back had a stark contrast. The arch vs linear path immediately gives an animation legitimacy





The other useful is the ability tip given was the ability to seamless transition instead of using plugins or even the standard effects that come with AE. It was quite humbling to see another designer’s technique. The goal is get faster with the basics. There are ton of plugins like Mister Horse that have these type of basic movements  but honestly sometimes doing it yourself may be the best option for faster or more efficiency in your projects. Anyone who has worked with any editing programs knows that having the project render as quickly as possible is always a good goal to have. The best way to do that is to make your project simple without unnecessary complexity. The YES/NO text example below is a simple demonstration of using layers and timing can result in smooth transitions. There is no need to add AE’s transition effects.


So there was another example included in the tips but it didn’t wasn’t about animation foundation principles. Perhaps I will include it another post. The other two tips however are quick and easy ways to give animations more complexity without a lot of work.  It is literally just doing one thing to elevate it to make it more interesting. As projects become more complicated with tons of layers and precomposed compositions, it is important to be use the basic to simplify

Until next time


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